Dora's First Trip ScreenSaver

Dora's First Trip ScreenSaver

Dora's First Trip ScreenSaver is a nice screensaver for kids
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Dora's First Trip ScreenSaver is a nice screensaver for kids that shows images of the cartoon "Dora the explorer". The screensaver shows images of Dora and her friends doing different activities during their first trip. One of the activities is driving a car to a lake; then, they ride a boat in that lake; after that, they fly a plane near a mountain; and finally, they throw a party up in the mountain. The images are really colorful and attractive, and the characters are really cute. Unfortunately, the screensaver doesn't include music or sounds, which would definitely make it much more attractive to kids.

On the other hand, the screensaver doesn't include any customization options and the Settings menu displays a message that says "This screen saver has no configurable options". The images are shown using effects, in which the characters of each photo are shown one by one like with binoculars.

In short, if your kid is a fan of this educational cartoon, then I'm sure he/she will love to have Dora's First Trip ScreenSaver on his/her computer screen.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Lovely images
  • Free


  • No configuration options
  • No sounds or music
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